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‘Pilot Program’ Revealed: Washington Sends Missiles To Syrian Rebels – 10 May 2014


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RT logo The US is sending missiles to Syrian rebels as part of a “pilot program” to strengthen the opposition, American media reveals. Addressing criticism the US is arming extremist militants, Washington claims its weapons will not “fall into the wrong hands.”

Washington’s new initiative aims to find out whether it can supply opposition forces in Syria with weapons without them falling into the hands of Islamist extremists, American officials told USA Today on condition of anonymity.

“They will try this first and see how it goes” before expanding it, said a former official. According to reports, rebel groups have already received anti-tank missiles, known as TOWs, which are specially designed to destroy tanks and pierce reinforced bunkers.

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Ann Albers – Message From Ann And The Angels – 10 May 2014

Very Truth….

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

It is sometimes in your greatest challenges that you find your greatest strengths. In every opportunity there is a chance to feel as if you are victim, or to embrace your inner power; to feel unloved or to bring more love to the surface; to perceive lack, or to find the true abundance. In every moment, you can embrace the greater truth of the Love that is always present, or you can turn away from it and focus on the illusion that it is gone. It is, and always will be, a choice you are given with the gift of free will.

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Book of Shadows or Elaborate Scrapbook – What the F has happened to the Oath

Riddle Fisher

tumblr_m60bfuTrtG1r73di8o1_500 To me, a Witch’s Grimoire (also known as Book Of Magik, Book Of Shadows or Book of Light Shadows amongst many other names) is a timeless mystery, propagated by the ages, filled with deep occult secrets, personal spiritual revelation, technical ritual practices, honest confessions and the charting and building of personal spiritual knowledge. It is a mirror into the soul of the Witch and as such, profoundly hallowed grounds.

Needless to say, It will be a cold day in a Christian hell before I ever dare show my Book to another individual that was not a committed, practicing direct blood relative…. and even then…..

Yet, it seems that everywhere I look; someone somewhere is publicly promoting their book of shadows. Whether it be on You Tube, on Facebook, in person or elsewhere, it seems that no matter where I look there they are, out in the open, looking…

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