Book of Shadows or Elaborate Scrapbook – What the F has happened to the Oath

Riddle Fisher

tumblr_m60bfuTrtG1r73di8o1_500 To me, a Witch’s Grimoire (also known as Book Of Magik, Book Of Shadows or Book of Light Shadows amongst many other names) is a timeless mystery, propagated by the ages, filled with deep occult secrets, personal spiritual revelation, technical ritual practices, honest confessions and the charting and building of personal spiritual knowledge. It is a mirror into the soul of the Witch and as such, profoundly hallowed grounds.

Needless to say, It will be a cold day in a Christian hell before I ever dare show my Book to another individual that was not a committed, practicing direct blood relative…. and even then…..

Yet, it seems that everywhere I look; someone somewhere is publicly promoting their book of shadows. Whether it be on You Tube, on Facebook, in person or elsewhere, it seems that no matter where I look there they are, out in the open, looking…

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