Be a Relationship Pioneer

Love Dove Tarot

deepak chopra quote

I came across this quote by Deepak Chopra earlier and it really rang true in my heart. The truth is that being reactive keeps our relationships in a time-warp where we keep repeating past mistakes.

It’s time to imagine how totally different and wonderfully awesome things could be and then start responding in ways that make it so. It’s a terrible mistake to think that things have to remain the same because they’ve always been a certain way. It’s equally awful to not give your partner the freedom to change.

Forget all the old clichés about old dogs not being able to learn or leopards not being able to change their spots. Anything you can imagine, you can do… and so can your partner!

Try this Pioneer Tarot Spread to take the pulse on your relationship as well as to see how moving forward in the spirit of the pioneer…

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