Aphrodite and the backlash against female sexuality

Aphrodite Rises

Aphrodite is a difficult Goddess. She makes no apologies for that. Why should she?


She’s not convenient, not politically correct, she doesn’t abide by society’s rules and guidelines. And I think the reason she is rising is because we need her, more than ever.

Women are becoming more powerful. Over the last 100 years we’ve gone from have few choices to even being world leaders. We lead countries and companies, we have our own television shows and our own story-writing empires. We top the music charts and the bestseller lists, and we raise families and stun the world with our sporting achievements.

There is nothing we cannot do.

But with these massive changes to the status of women has come the inevitable backlash. It had to happen, of course – because with the rise of any previous underclass there will always be a small proportion of their previous rulers who…

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