How to See & Sense the Aura

Dawn Rogers

The aura is an energy field that surrounds all things though living beings tend to have a stronger aura than inanimate objects. The aura can be seen by anyone who can generate an alpha brain wave. Sensing the aura comes quite naturally to us as human beings and seems relatively easy for empaths.

There are three different layers to the aura. The Etheric Aura lies immediately next to the skin, completely surrounding the body and stretches outward anywhere from ¾” to 2” thick. It varies in shades of whites, grays, light blues, and yellows. The Astral Aura lies just beyond the Etheric Aura and extends on average out to about 3ft. The Astral Aura can shrink in closely to the body but can also be expanded out quite a far distance. It is within the Astral Aura that a clairvoyant will see color. The Astral Aura is surrounded by the…

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