Skyfall: the Scorpion on Bond’s Hand



Rarely can one encounter films that are so vividly archetypal and so innerly consistent as Skyfall. It is watertight, and the pun is intended. Almost all of its themes and images revolve around Scorpio/Pluto. I literally choked when I saw Bond drinking with a scorpion on his hand. Was someone doing it on purpose? Was an astrologer involved in shooting that film? Of course not, because masterpieces are always created unconsciously. And Skyfall is a masterpiece, to my mind.

Transiting Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception now (i.e. Saturn is in Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto, and Pluto is in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn). That means they strengthen each other’s attributes and if we use this time wisely and attune ourselves to these cosmic energies, depending of course on how they touch our individual charts, we will be able to transform ourselves by discarding what is…

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Deeper Look at “Skyfall”

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by Mark Epstein

Writing about the latest Bond movie may seem like an exercise in futility to many, but having read many positive reviews in the corporate mass-media and a couple of negative ones in CP (Paul Carline has intelligent and detailed comments about the franchise and the world of intelligence; Peter Lee makes a couple of good points about British history and foreign policy: but in my view both really don’t acknowledge Mendes’, and his scriptwriters’, intent), I decided I would jump into the fray, since the negative comments didn’t seem specific to the latest film directed by Mendes (in fact he was barely even mentioned), and many of the positive ones really didn’t seem to have seen the same movie I saw.

In fact knowing that Mendes was the director was the decisive point that made me go to see the movie, since I thought…

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